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Musicals... - When you wish upon a star... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Musicals... [Apr. 25th, 2007|02:13 pm]
So I know only about 2 people read this...and that's cool, because I don't really care if people are reading my rambles...but I find that when I do ramble about most of the time meaningless things I end up feeling better. I've always tried to write in a journal, but it just isn't as convinent or fun as writing on here...plus I always end up feeling like a looney b/c I don't know who I am writing to in my journal...lol! So basically I'm a freak of nature. But today I have some commentary on musicals that was worked up in my theatre lit class after discussing West Side Story.

First off, let me just say that when you break down this musical and take a deep look at it, it is truely amazing! Before performing it i never really looked at it very closely or anaylsised it at all, so to me it was just one of those classics...but after seeing how amazing and meaningful it was and still is i have so much more respect for it and consider it one of my favorite musicals of all time. The music, the importance of the choreography, and the touching yet terrifying plot work together to create a great show.


Some people in class today did not agree with me that WSS is as influental as i think it is (and i can go into details on all that later) but there are some basic assumptions that continue to prevail in my class and whenever i seem to mention im a musical lover to anyone.

First of all there's the ever so popular comment "It's so stupid that they just randomly start singing all the time...there's not point...just say what you have to say a get off stage!"
My comments to that could last for years...but i will just share a few:
-theatre=willing suspension of disbelief....you have to coming in knowing somethings are going to be out there, strange, or not something you see everyday....it's called art! you watch violent movies where people are glorified for killing innocent people...that doesnt happen everyday...but you accept that! why is singing so crazy? i think we should sing more in our everyday lives anyways!
-song expresses the emotions and inner feelings that there are not words for. idk about you but when i am thinking to myself...i have a soundtrack in my head that accompanies it and i sing in my head...even if that is a bit extreme...i knwo we all had the songs we like to hear when we are sad, or mad or excited. life wouldnt have meaning without music. there is underlying music in most movies that intensifies a scene. and many songs when they are spoken just do not trigger the emotion we want from them...music is one of the greatest things on this earth...do not bash it!
-music is so much more though provoking and talented then some of the other crap people watch...

my next beef is that on dance in musicals...

musicals equal...acting, singing and DANCING!!!! yes there are some great musicals without dance...but if dance is intended then LEAVE IT IN!!! I truely dont understand why people hate watching dance so much...it is such an amazing art form and im not just saying that because i am a dancer. the things that professional dancer do with their bodies is just incredible and the thought that with dance (and i guess acting and even singing) is an art form that is never the same each time you see it just amazes me. So when directors get it in their heads that the audience cannot handle a long production they always cut dance...they also think most audiences hate dance numbers...and i say fuck that...they will just have to deal with it and open their minds alittle bit to this art form. i will give you that some show jsut put in dance to dance...which can be annoying...but show like west side story have dance number to prove a point and enhance the theme of the production. wss original director was a choreographer...so the dances written into the original script are there for a reason! THEY ARE IMPORTANT! and it is disappointing that many of them were cut. every musical ive ever been in dance has been cut...and that is so dissappointing and frusterating. when i become a high school director i am going to force my kids to dance...they will take classes even if i have to teach them! and they will learn to like and appreciate it!!!! because im sick people hating dance! its not fair!

so now ive wasted a ton of time....

i have more...maybe ill type later


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Wow - this is the best article i’ve read in ages!
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