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sigh...sometime people make me sick! - When you wish upon a star... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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sigh...sometime people make me sick! [Apr. 29th, 2007|08:10 pm]
So certain people drinking doesn't bother me anymore...I guess b/c once you're in college everyone does...but I have a friend who like myself doesn't drink...but this whole year she's been making comments about getting drunk and how she just should drink b/c she's so busy and whatever...and lately I think she just feels like a loser b/c she doesn't drink and go to parties b/c that's all she talks about. So this weekend she went to visit someone kept telling me well my sister says I have to drink this weekend...so i have to. I said no you don't...you can go to parties without getting drunk...it is possible! But she did...and I'm kinda pissed. I shouldn't be...but I am. It just makes me mad that people feel they have to drink in order to be someone...or offically be in college...or they have to prove something to someone...or I don't know! This yea I have had a sip of a beer and a sip of wine...both to make people shut up and stop bothering me...and I've had a great time.

On the other hand I also get ticked when people look down on me for attending a party, saying I will drink...I'm a big girl...if I want to I will...and if I don't I won't. Not that I party much...I've only been to 3...4 will be Saturday if I go to band house...but I won't drink.

So people of both extremes find your happy medium...b/c you both are really stupid right now!