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I wish I could do everything... - When you wish upon a star... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I wish I could do everything... [Nov. 27th, 2007|07:25 am]
Things I want to do sometime in my life (some WAY sooner then others!)
-fit into a size 7 jeans comfortable...weight around 130lbs...and muscle and rock hard abs included... :) meaning cutting my food intake down...22 points a day...I can do it...I just have to choose to want to do it.
-find a summer job with decent pay and that is fun and worthwhile.
-Dance on pointe again.
-actually learn to play the viola...well
-run for 2 miles without getting pooped out
-practice piano every day and teach myself to be a better musician
-go on a date!!!!!
-be a bride's maid :)
-Disney internship???
-or study abroad in England
-or study nationally in new york
-take voice lessons again and actually practice and attempt to get better! lol
-pay my parents off for my car
-become a fitness teacher.
-perform somewhere really sweet
-become semi-famous
-mad dinners actress
-learn to tap dance again
-get a bikini wax
-donate my hair to locks of love
-learn social partner dance....or any partner dancing in general
-travel the world
-learn to cook
-learn to sew
-make my own outfit
-paint a picture for my grandma
-go back to disney world with all my friends
-live in chicago
-conduct a high school color guard
-direct my own play
-write inspiring poetry or prose
-learn to play the sax
-get my own doggie
-ride a horse by myself
-make a snow sculpture
-build a house for habitate for humanity...or something of that nature
-sleep in silk pjs! lol
-get a pedicure